Saturday, June 09, 2007

Knot or Not?

Several years ago my husband and I happened upon an outdoor art show while we were visiting Chicago. A photographer had a framed picture of a boat dock with ropes at either end. On one end was a perfectly coiled rope. On the other was a rope, just piled. He had titled his piece of art, “Knot or Not”. My husband and I looked at each other immediately understanding the photo. It perfectly described us! Dirk is the knot, I am…….well, “not”.

I just wasn’t born with any natural instinct for neatness. Dirk, on the other hand, knows how to organize anything. I wouldn’t call myself a slob….maybe I am just organizationally challenged.

Over the years of our marriage, I discovered some ways to teach myself to become more organized. We’ll be discussing some of those ideas next week. Are you a “knot” or just “not”? Share your organizational secrets with us.

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Erin said...

Well, mom I got a little of each of you. I would definately say I lean more towards the "not". I have to have lists to keep up with household tasks. I feel so accomplished if I have completed something & then I get to mark it off the list. Any tips on organizing all those list though?? :>