Monday, May 11, 2009

Family Vision Statement-Q & A

How can you discover the vision for your family?

Think about these thoughts:

Your vision needs to be everlasting, and an on-going goal for generations to come.

What is your calling?

What is important to you?

What will you want to be remembered for?

What makes you come alive?

Next: write your thoughts down.  Share them with your mate.  Brainstorm and write different phrases.

Try to make it around 10-12 words.

Teach it to your family.  Place it on your wall. Refer to it often to cast vision to your family.

What if my husband or wife doesn’t see the need to have a vision statement, but I really desire it?

Pray!  Don’t nag, force-feed, continue making suggestions or get in a huff because they’re not on the same page as you.  Pray!!  Never discount the power of the Holy Spirit.  Live your life with your own vision statement in mind.  Be consistent to it.  Pray!

What makes you or your family come alive?

Tomorrow, we’ll share our family vision statement with you.

Dirk and Robin

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Anna Meadows said...

Thanks for living our family vision statement all those years before and for all the years to come!