Thursday, June 25, 2009

No News is Good News

It's true!

So sorry I haven't updated. I've been gently chided because I haven't let all of you (5 or so ) readers :) know that Dirk's report came back negative/benign.

We are all relieved and rejoicing. It was another learning and growing experience and I'll share some of those thoughts soon...when I'm not still sewing/baking/wedding planning.

Thanks again for all your well-wishes, thoughts and prayers!


jimmy paravane said...

I always try to chide gently. I'm not always successful. What? I do too! Try at least...(grin)

Theresa said...

Big Hugs to you ALL Love Ya!!

Elizabeth said...

We're SO glad! And, anyone who was 'waiting' needs to be on facebook...EVERYONE'S doing it. :)

Jayme said...

I just checked in today because I wanted to find your e-mail address and ask how Dirk was doing, and then I find this wonderful post!!! :) I am so excited to hear the good news and so thankful for God's answer to our is so nice when He answers the way we were hoping He would! :)