Monday, November 23, 2009

Number 19

We gained a daughter-in-love on May 29 this year.  Abbi is now a Meadows, bringing the ManyMeadows' number to 19!

We joke that I hand-picked her for my oldest son, Andrew....and maybe it's not really a joke.  I knew her before he did!

She's an artist...he's a cowboy. She took him to his first art show, he took her to her first rodeo.   She loves New York, he loves home and being outdoors.

And they deeply love each other.

She's a great  5th daughter and a wonderful 2nd mom to Andrew's daughters, Sierra and Mesa.

Check out her blog, and her creations.

She's quite a girl and we're so proud to have her in our family!

(We now have more members in our family!  I'll introduce you to them soon.)


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Abbi said...

Aww. *tear* Love you all, too!