Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Ready for Your Swimsuit?

Summer is that time of year we all decide we’d like to look at least half-way decent in a swimming suit. Or, for me, to loose those extra pounds before Katie’s wedding. One of my daughters directed me to the Weight Watcher’s Core Plan. This is a new plan from WW and you don’t have to count any points (unless you eat things you shouldn’t). The idea is healthy eating, normal portions, foods containing high-fiber content, and of course, leaving off refined sugar and flour products. It works! And it is SO easy. I started this plan around Spring Break and have easily lost 15 pounds. My husband began about a week later and has lost 20. It is a life-style eating change that works well for the whole family. Check it out!

This link will send you to a great site that will give you loads of information about the Core Plan, how and why it works, a list of “legal” foods and tons of recipes.


HomeSchool Mommy said...

What?!?! I didn't even think you HAD 15 lbs to lose!!! (Okay...I've only seen you once in person, but I know what I saw!)

I have a lot of weight to lose...not before summer...not before a big event...just because I really want to live a healthy life. This is not God's plan for my body, so I really NEED to change my eating/exercise habits!

Robin Meadows said...

Well, maybe it was well hidden? LOL But it's gone now! Yay!

I really encourage you to check into this plan. It does work. I'll be glad to answer any questions you might have to help you out. And I'll be including some other helps I've come across. My oldest daughter, Erin is a healthy lifestyle cheerleader. I'll have her share some of her ideas too.