Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Revitalizing, Renewing

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Besides preparing for a new academic season I try to always have something I’m reading to keep my relationships fresh and my mind renewed.

Currently, I’m reading The One Year Bible (NLT), a great translation if you’ve never tried it. It has been a good discipline for me to read through the Bible from cover to cover again.

Another book I have recently read is Captivating: Unveiling the Mystery of a Woman’s Soul by John and Stasi Eldredge.

If you’ve already experienced reading this one, you’ll agree: this is one of those read-every-year books. While some ideas may be a lot to wrap your mind around, I still found the book to be challenging and thought provoking.

Another book that my soon-to-be-married daughter and her fiancée are reading is What Every Man Wants in a Woman/ What Every Woman Wants in a Man by John and Diana Hagee.
Some of my favorite thoughts come from the “What Every Man Wants” side of the book.

· How to put love first to make love last
· Your attitude is contagious
· Happiness is a choice
· Feel great about yourself
· The love you refuse to give you lose

What books are you reading to challenge and awaken your relationships?

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Erin Simms said...

Well, I'm reading Captivating per your recommendation. I think it's a book to really make you think. It helps not only you as a woman, but to better understand your friends as well. Some of the thoughts don't follow through to a resolution, nor does it flow that well, but it's just Stasi & her husband just talking & bringing up some great truths to make you think about what you believe about yourself. I've heard some flack on this book, & the reasons stated above may be why, but hmm . . . isn't it good that we have to really rely on listening to God for the answers & not just get some steps to follow from a book?? I love books that are like that. Before Captivating I was reading The Power of a Praying Wife. Some basic concepts, but enough to remind me & make me think about myself as a wife. I'm not the kind of person that reads books because I think that book will solve all the problems in my life. I just always need to be reading a book that keeps me from getting spiritually stale.