Monday, July 16, 2007

What's for Dinner? (Part 1)

A Master Menu

As mentioned in the June 28 post on the Family Notebook, one of the main pages I still use today is the Master Menu page. This is a single page listing various main-dish meals under the following category headings:

Ground beef/ground turkey
Beef (steak or roast)
Breakfast for dinner
Soups and stews

Under the ground beef heading, I have listed main dishes like spaghetti, Border Bowl, porcupine meatballs, beef enchiladas, etc. I list every recipe I can think of using ground beef. Then I do the same thing with the other categories.

Maybe you are feeding so many that you need to include a breakfast and lunch plan. I have a friend that used to put her menus for the week on her refrigerator – all 3 meals of the day!

Years ago, when I was fixing meals for nine people, we grocery shopped at Crest Foods in Midwest City once a month! (It took two carts and no, we didn’t take the kids with us.) We would fill in with milk and produce from another local store as needed. In fact, there came a time when my husband, Dirk, did all the shopping. That’s when this page came in really handy. I came up with menus for nightly meals for the whole month using this list as a guide. Now, I usually cook for 4-6 and I shop once a week. I still use this master menu list. It helps me quickly think of ideas of what to fix for dinner!


All for Him said...

So are you going to share with us the recipes? Bring it on sister!

Robin Meadows said...

You really want recipes? I'll think about that.