Tuesday, July 17, 2007

What's for Dinner? (Part 2)

Grocery List & Shopping

What do you use for a grocery list? Mine has evolved over the years from a master list with every item I ever purchased listed by aisle at my usual grocery store to an index card that I now use. I keep a weekly list, writing items down as they are used up or getting low. And when I plan my menus, I add the ingredients needed for each recipe I will use. I make sure to check products like tissues, paper towels, and other items that we use regularly. Family members know where I keep the list and add items as needed. (or sometimes, not needed) I do have to remember to TAKE the list with me when going to the store! What sort of grocery list do you keep?

And guess what? I am now able to go to the store ALONE! I know that can’t happen to most of you. Do you have someone you can trade children with just long enough to buy your groceries? Or maybe you have a child old enough to hand a short list and let them take their own cart to pick up items. Share with us your creative ideas for grocery-shopping- harmony when you must take your children with you.

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Erin said...

I also write down things as needed, but I organize it according to the grocery store that I go to(crest - it really is way cheaper than walmart, although I have a small list of things that are cheaper at walmart). I try to do my shopping late at night when the kids are in bed. The store is not crowded, so I can think & really bargain shop better that way. It is something I've come to look forward to, getting out & just meandering through the aisles - plus I'm a major night owl.