Sunday, April 05, 2009

A Check-Up for Wives

*Does my husband see me smile more often than not?

*Is my home a happy home?

*Am I someone even I would want to come home to?

*Do I enjoy life?  Do I know how to have fun or am I often too intense or dramatic?

*Am I husband-focused, or am I kid-focused, object-focused or even me-focused?

*Am I positive and encouraging?

*Do I allow him to dream without pointing out all the reasons why "that won't work"?

*Do I allow the Holy Spirit to be his conscience?

*What do my children hear from my mouth concerning my husband?

*Am I still someone, today, that my husband would pursue and fall in love with?

*Am I really a submissive wife who shows respect to her husband?

*Do I often show my disapproval of my husband's actions by giving the "silent treatment"?

*Do I pray for my husband?

After almost 35 years of marriage, these are questions I still need to ask myself.  A check-up is good to keep our marriages healthy.  Still working on it here!






Michael said...

Thanks for posting this Robin! No, I am not pointing fingers at my wife figuring out "Ah ha, got you there" or anything like that. I am actually just reflecting on those same questions from a husband's point of view about his wife. Looking at areas where I need to do better at showing my love and appreciation toward my wife. Thanks for the post!

sheriyates said...

You rock! This is a list to post on my fridge! I have a friend that we keep each other inline by saying two words, "encourage and initiate." It is our cute secret code. :-)

Katie said...

These are great questions to ask everyday!

I want to be the kind of wife that my husband still falls in love with everyday!

Some days I know that I wouldn't want to come home to myself!! :o Working on it everyday!

Nicole Knox said...

Need to put this in my bathroom to read everyday! Thanks mom=)

Dusty Takle said...

GREAT questions. Thanks, Robin. Love you big!

erin said...

I do strive for excellence in this. I'm not perfect, but oh how I try! Thanks for the reminders!

Mandy said...

Hmmm, did you write this with me in mind? Sshhh, if you did, don't tell me. But I've made a mental note to brush up on a few things. I think Nicole has a good idea to print this out. :)

Donna said...

*Do I allow him to dream without pointing out all the reasons why “that won’t work”?

I am so guilty of that one! Yikes. Tune up required! :) I think you overheard our conversation last night on a # of dreams.... Love you!

Renae said...

Loved the check-up questions!! We always have room to grow. Thanks for sharing with us all. I love reading what you and your kiddos write. You did good, Robin. Blessings to you!!