Wednesday, August 29, 2007

I Love Routine......for a Day or Two

Come on. Admit it. Routine makes us feel like we’re accomplishing something. We’re on a roll. We’ve got everything down. We can do it! Right?

We have a few days, or maybe even a few weeks when we’re able to get up at the right time, get our Bible reading done, the kids roll out of bed and get their schoolwork done, and chores even get accomplished. And maybe we even get that workout! Oh yeah! We’re feeling good about ourselves!

But then, that inevitable morning happens when things just don’t go right. Or, even if they do, we’re just not enjoying ourselves any more. The routine is just…….routine. Boring. Weighty. Hard.

I think it’s sort of like living by “The Law” verses living by faith. Just as we can try to live our lives by a set of rules (and notice that no one was able to do that successfully in scripture), we’ll ultimately fail. Our schedules and routines won’t be able to hold us up during the hard times.

So, how do we “homeschool by faith”? What does that really mean?

For me, having a schedule is still important. It’s the daily guideline I go by. But, that’s all it is. When life gets in the way of my routine, it’s time to take action! After all, isn’t that what faith is?

Next, we’ll take a look at my own daily schedule. And then talk about some practical ways to live within, and outside our schedules and routines.

What is your daily schedule? Does it help you, or frustrate you?


Jennifer M. said...

I just loved true.

Erin said...

Good one! I find my kids act so much better when we're in a routine, but sometimes I do get so bored! I just have to remind myself that routine is to help me do the things I would already have to do, not make me feel like I have to do a bunch of stuff that isn't important. I just have to mix it up sometimes, like just read a verse in the Bible & look it up in different versions, instead of just sitting there and reading where I left off the day before. Or I'll make school time be more about games or playing then getting the workbooks out. My excercise might consist of pulling the kids in the wagon & jumping on the trampoline instead of going to the gym that day. I also give myself grace @ making my bed, picking up things & folding laundry - yes it needs to be done, but it can wait. If I always did those daily things I might not have time to make a batch of muffins, or redecorate my living room, etc. I think there needs to be a balance because if I never kept up with routine things my life would fall apart, but if I always stick to routine I think my sanity would fall apart - & that wouldn't be pretty ;> .