Sunday, August 05, 2007

A Marine Came to Visit Me Today

He wanted to explain to me why he had decided to re-enlist with the Marine Reserves. How he felt like it was a calling on his life. It is what he was trained to do. He said that if he could ever prevent his two boys from having to go to war, now was his time.

He shared how very much he loves my daughter and my two grandsons, and he hoped that he could convey that love to them before he left for Iraq .

He talked about the opportunities he would have as a Corporal to share important things with the young men in his unit-- things like his faith, finances, and important lessons he’s already learned in his life.

He shared how he didn’t know what was ahead for him, but that he trusts God. He feels like he is being obedient, even when it doesn’t make much sense to anyone how he can leave a wife and two boys behind.

He is my first son-in love. I couldn’t be any more proud of him if he were my own son.

Corporal Jon M. Simms left today for 30 days training in the Mojave Desert before heading to Iraq and will return June 2008. He is with the Weapons Company, 3rd Battalion, 23 Marines, and will be stationed in a town west of Baghdad.

Please pray for the safety and protection of his unit and pray for his wife, Erin and his boys, Kaden (4) and Will (2).

If you would like updates of information about Jon and his unit, send me an e-mail at


Jayma said...

I'm praying for him all the time!

Anthony said...

I will pray for him and his family, as well as engage all the LifeChurch resources we have available to be with him wherever he goes, as well as his family.I thank him for his service for our country and what that means to me personally. He will hear from me.

Rachel said...

What an honorable man of God! I will be praying for him, and Erin and the kiddo's too!

Robin Meadows said...

That he is, Rachel! Thanks for your prayers. This holiday season will be rough for them.

Sallie said...

Marines are the BEST!! I'm not at all partial though...LOL..

Patriotism is something that goes far beyond just feelings. It is exemplified best by those who are willing to fight for the rest of us!

God bless,

Kim Heinecke said...

Such terrific people in your family! Praying for all 4 of them. ...what a sweet return that will be!