Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Time Out!

Sometimes we all just need a “time out”. Things escalate to a point that is so overwhelming that we just need to stop what we’re doing and regroup. That’s when I usually say, “OK, everyone outside!” Even when it’s cold! Maybe the “time out” is for only a few minutes. Other times we need 30 minutes or more!

If we have to stay in because of weather, “time out” is a time to turn off all noise. No music playing softly in the background, no music practice. Think, QUIET! Even if it only lasts 10 minutes, it’s worth it. It’s a refocusing time. A time for me to gather my thoughts, to send up a quick plea for sanity! And it usually works. (If you don’t have older children to watch the younger ones outdoors, go outside with them. It will refresh you all).

The kids come back in a bit refreshed, ready to get busy. They know Mom means business! Time to get back to work!

What do you do to refocus when things get out of control?

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Erin said...

Usually things get crazy because my kids are trying to get my attention. I have to look at what I'm doing and determine if it's really that important. Usually if I just stop what I am doing & get on the floor & wrestle them they are better and move on to play on their own, leaving me to finish what I was doing. So that works, & downing a big coffee or espresso always helps too! :>