Thursday, March 05, 2009

It's Spring!

Asparagus crowns going into the garden



Soon these will be green onions, a LOT of them! 



Potatoes are in the ground

Lettuce, spinach and peas will go in this week.

Time to prune the rosebushes and crepe myrtles. 

Plant shade grass this month

Fertilize already existing shade grass

Scalp Bermuda this month

Begin clearing flower beds of leaves and spring weeds.

Plant perennials this  month and next

WATER everything!  We are extremely dry in Oklahoma right now.

Along with the daffodils, the cherry bushes and peach trees are beginning to bloom.  It’s spring!



Planning some outdoor work this weekend?





Katie said...

I think it is still supposed to freeze though. . . won't that make everything die?!? :(

Theresa said...

I love your garden....I wish I could see it in June. I bet it is gorgeous in June. :)

manymeadows said...

Katie - Even though it still freezes this time of year, it is very rare for it to dip into the low teens. With the covering of soil on the asparagus roots, onions and potatoes, they won't freeze unless the temps are extreme. The perennials can make it through fairly low temps (in the ground) and if you're concerned, you can always cover your plants with a sheet, towels, or anything else that will hold in the warmth and keep out the cold.

Theresa - June is my favorite gardening month. Our temps in OK can go from winter to summer so quickly! July and August get so hot!

Abbi said...

Don't know if this counts as "outdoor work", but hopefully Andrew and I will be able to start chopping branches for our archway...

Ali said...

We might come out on Sunday after church to check on things at the house.

sheriyates said...

awesome. My garden (this year) is just a pipe dream. I need to get started. :-) Love yours! I love love love gardens!

Thank you for speaking up!

Donna said...

Love it! It is beautiful! We are going to do a raised garden in a box. Whatever that is. I'm so lost. Jonathan is heading that project up. Gardening to me is as foreign as physics or learning chinese!