Thursday, March 12, 2009

Vegetable Gardening + Learning = Fun!

Having a small garden plot (or even growing in containers) is an excellent way to teach many traditional school subjects, but with a hands-on approach.

You can show your children that carrots actually look like this


Not this


Your kids can learn that potatoes grow underground and that tomatoes grow on a vine. 

You can do all sort of math projects, like measuring your plot, weighing your production, counting seeds and seedlings.  And the science:  Everything from labeling plant parts, the biology of reproduction, to measuring the pH of your soil! 

Entomology---good bugs and bad bugs in the garden

The vocabulary:  decomposition, organic, pollination, germination, etc.

Geography, economics, nutrition.

And the greatest for me:  the scriptural application and Truths found in dirt, seeds, plants, vines, water, giving, receiving...well, you get it.

And then there's just the good old hard work, not to mention the yummy good taste and high nutritional value of fresh vegetables. 

So? What are you waiting for?  Think it's time to start growing some veggies of your own?  Experience is the best teacher of all!





Shane said...

Funny you post this... Generally I buy the already chopped cute carrots. But recently, I've been purchasing the "real" thing in order to cut costs. Well, my daughter was asking for a snack after school and I gave her the fruit and veggie choices that we had in the house. When I said, carrots, she was very excited. As soon as I got the "real" carrots out of the refrigerator, she said "no, I don't want those carrots!" OH BOY! She opted for celery with PB!

Theresa said...

Great way to apply learning to gardening. I love carrots fresh from the ground!!

Abbi said...

Don't forget the scriptural application of sowing/reaping. That's especially big if your children are older! :)