Thursday, November 20, 2008

Bible Graffiti

I mark up my Bible . . .  A LOT.  There's nothing better (for me) than looking back at passages that stuck out to me at one time, or to easily find something on a particular subject that I marked before.  I have a method to my madness though.  Through the years of Bible studies, reading Christian authors and just plain experimenting with a method that works for me, I have come up with some codes to keep things right at my fingertips when trying to find something in the Bible.  Unfortunately I don't remember where some of these came from, so I can't give the right credit, but many of these I adapted myself.  Here is some of my coding:

On a new Bible I highlight the chapter number after I have read it.  Ahh . . .  the feeling of completing a new Bible and seeing all those pretty markings on all the chapters throughout the Bible.

When a particular passage sticks out to me I either highlight, underline or put brackets around it.  Don't ask me my method there.

There are certain words like faith and hope that I circle.

When it talks about love I put a heart.

When it talks about Jesus on the cross I draw a cross with a heart in the middle.

When it's a direct promise about life I put BP, for "Bible Promise".


When it talks about something to do with children or generations I put a little stick figure by it.

When it's something about a wife it gets the "special" pink highlighter.

When it's about a husband or marriage in general it gets the double wedding rings.


Sometimes I cross out the word "you" and put "Erin".

Sometimes I circle and put "For Me".  I like to put the date on stuff like that so I can look back and think about what I was going through in that time of my life.

Other times I journal about what's going on in my life, of course with the date.

Ok, that's the art that I give my Bible.

What graffiti do you leave in your Bible?




Gina said...

Oh man. My bible is so marked up. And its falling apart. I got one of those highlighters with the tabs in the end, you know, so I have lots of red flags coming off the side. I sort of use Kay Arthur markings, but I make up my own too. And I write notes in it. My two oldest girls have different translations and if their wording makes more sense and speaks to me I write that out next to it. I write history notes, commentary, just anything down.

donna said...

The only markings I use are dating and highlighting. I also write prayers in the margins of my bible. I think I might adopt some of yours. :)

Hope said...

I am an underliner. I really like the idea to circle and date passages that are "For Me" at that moment. What an amazing way to see how God speaks to us?!

Anna Meadows said...

I love to mark up my Bible as well... I never thought about pictures... haha! You're funny!

See you tonight!

erin said...

Sorry I'm not very good at drawing. After looking at the double wedding rings it kind of looks like a butt. Well, it is beside the word husband . . . J/K ;-)

Theresa said...

I color mine. I like the symbol idea though. I think I will leave the butt out. LOL

Belinda said...

I journal a lot also...what you said about putting down the date is so important. I always regret it later when I forget to put the date. It makes life more astonishing when we can see WHEN God did an amazing work.