Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Loving the Begats

The many passages that the Bible offers in way of lineage has often been boring and cumbersome for me,  until I started learning more about the Koran.  Interestingly, the Koran offers NO lineage leading to Muhammad. 


No completely amazing and wonderful heritage.


I've learned to respect and honor the "begats" now...they lead us to Christ!


Next time you’re reading those chapters,  maybe they won’t be so boring!






Theresa said...

I love the begats. I do have to not pronounce the names right. I just get so side tracked with trying to get them right that I lose my place. So Tom begat Dave, Frank and Tim who begat ......

I think God forgives me for this one things!! :)

Hope said...

I love the begats. Especially when I looked at the women in Christ's lineage and realized all of them were "damaged" somehow. Ruth was an outsider; Tamar, well, she deceived her father-in-law; Bathsheba committed adultry, and Mary was an unwed mother (albeit perfectly innocent of any sin in that instance). God brings redemption out of weakness. :-)

Jayma said...

GREAT thoughts!!!!!!!!!!!! I love it!!!

erin said...

Ditto on pronouncing the names Theresa. I skim the names, but get the whole gist of where it is leading. It's amazing to me how old people got in Abraham's days!

Lulu said...

Oh wow! I was just thinking today while I was reading through Genesis how I didn't like all the begats because it seemed to slow everything down. I never thought of how amazing it is that we have all of that information to turn to. Awesome insight!

Donna said...

Reading the Francine Rivers books has helped me to appreciate the begats. It is amazing to me how many ways the Lord shows us HE IS REAL!

Great insight.

Jennifer said...

I love the begats. I love the hooker in Christ's line....I love to do the math from Adam to Noah and realize how the last of of the line died right before the flood.

It answered the question of how Noah stayed on course while the ENTIRE world was wicked - it was because he had family until the "end".

You just dont see the that neat stuff without the begats!