Sunday, February 08, 2009

Happy Birthday!


Her birthday is today.  25 years ago today, Ali Elizabeth was born in Oklahoma City.  Erin was six, Andrew was 3.  Ali was our first home birth.  And the very next day was MY birthday....what a present!  Really!! 



Today, Ali is a wife to a lucky Brad Ruhman, a mom of two beautiful daughters, Lily and Sadie, a wonderful hairdresser (for real!), a fabulous cook!   She is a loving, loyal friend and daughter.  She has the cutest giggle you'll ever hear, and still delights us just like she did that morning she was born, February 9, 1984. 


Happy Birthday, Ali...All us ManyMeadows'  love you!


Do you have birthdays close together in your family?  How about February birthdays?


Christi D. said...

WOO! Love this girl :) Ali- hope you have a wonderful birthday. Even though you are packing today and cleaning, try to take some time out for yourself and enjoy the moment! I'm so glad we are in Life Group together.

Donna said...

Happy Birthday Ali! It was great seeing you at the Q & A. Annelise loves Lily! Lily is just too precious.

What are you doing to celebrate?

Jonathan's birthday is the 16th of this month. ~~he'll be in Mexico this year on his birthday. :( ~~My mom and my sister's birthday are two days apart in November.

Gina said...

Happy Birthday Ali! Hope you have a fantastic day!

We have one February birthday, Evan, he turned 4 yesterday. Silly kid. We do have some close birthdays but none as close as yours! Eliana and Evan's birthdays are 17 days apart and they are the closest.

Nicole Knox said...

Ali is a wonderful friend too!!!

Happy Birthday sweet friend. I am so glad we are friends!

Anna Meadows said...

I love that picture of her fixing my hair... she's STILL doing it! Happy Birthday, Ali!

taylor said...

holler for february birthdays! :-D my two siblings and i were all due on january 21st - crazy but true! my brother and i share early february birthdays, while my sister decided to debut early in january.
happy early birthday to you too, robin!!

Dusty Takle said...

Happy Birthday....a day late :-)

My 4 yo daughter, Anna's birthday is Nov. 7th and her dad's is Nov. 8th. They love celebrating together....for now!