Sunday, February 15, 2009

When Life is Hard

Is. 43:2

 When you go through deep waters,
      I will be with you.
   When you go through rivers of difficulty,
      you will not drown.
   When you walk through the fire of oppression,
      you will not be burned up;
      the flames will not consume you.

We've all been in this place-the circumstances of life are overwhelming.  The water is over our head.  Life is hard and difficult; it's like walking through fire.

In this place I've found that God only opens the path right in front of us.  His light doesn't shine down the road, and He doesn't remove life's obstacles from our way before we reach them.  But, He always meets us at the edge of our need and sometimes, it's at the very last moment.

He asks that we trust Him. He wants us to want Him.  Otherwise, we won't need faith to take that next step.  And then, who is in control?

Today, may you willingly grasp His hand and take that next step.  He's there.




Christie said...

You have no idea how this speaks to the Gunkel family today. Thank you.

taylor said...

just what i needed to read tonight! thanks, robin. :)

Gina said...

Thanks to your wisdom and encouragement I am finding it easier and easier to trust Him. I keep thinking it can't get any bleaker than this, and then it does. But this time, I know it doesn't matter in the long run of eternity and I know He'll do what He needs to for HIS glory. Not mine. So now that I'm over myself for this moment, I'm going back to trusting GOD! He made me read James 1:12 this morning. Good stuff!

Dusty Takle said...

I could get really theological and explain how God has already went ahead and is the on the other side of every trial we'll ever go through...because, He knew us before we were ever conceived....(Which if people could truly grasp this, it would completely end the abortion debate of when life begins.) But, I'll just say, instead, ahem, that He will make a way where there seems to be no way. This, I know.

Good stuff, Robin Meadows.

Anna Meadows said...

This sounds familiar... ;)

Cindy Beall said...

And there you go. "They" say brilliant minds think alike. Or maybe it's us country folk that think alike :)

Love you.

Donna said...

This goes along with what I woke up thinking this morning. Abraham was credited for "trusting" God, not for being perfect. Whew! What a relief!

Nicole Knox said...

So true.

Stephanie Aynes said...

Robin, this is just what I needed today. Thank you so much for sharing your wisdom. When life throws us curveballs we can't just duck so that they miss us and ignore them, we have to deal with them. God wants us to catch them and take them to Him. And just give it all to Him. Thanks for your reminder.

Lulu said...

I see the girls in my SWITCHgroup drowning and it kills me. My co-leader and I are planing a lesson or two to help them see God in their troubles and to help them rely on Him for everything. This verse is just what we needed. Thanks for sharing!

just breathe « aliens among us said...

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deleise said...

So good, Robin.

DJ Mc said...

How can I tell you what this scripture means to me, especially over the last 24 hrs. I got the swine flu, which has stopped me from completing my newest career, home staging, I've literally been in bed for 8 days.

I have always been abused by men, my 1st husband & now my 2nd husband is disabled & feels like God has taken away his life as a man & a husband. He is no longer the man I married because he is consumed with his own self pity. My children no longer respect me because all they see is a woman who never believes she's worth anything to anyone due to her own low self esteem. When I read this scripture today for the millionith time I knew God was speaking to me today. He is never going to allow me to be consumed by lifes little things that can break us. I'm out of a job at 49 since Feb of '09, no husband to work, 5 children with only 2 left to take care of since they're the youngest, I have been through lifes hardest times & moments but the Lord will see me through it

the old song from Andrae Crouch sang, "I've had many tears & sorrows, I've had questions for tomorrow, there's been times I didn't know right from wrong. But in every situation, God gave me blessed consulation, that my trials come to only make me strong. Through it all, through it all, I've learned to trust in
Jesus, I've learned to trust in God.
learned to trust in God.