Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Camping Update--Lake Skiatook

Camping actually begins with a food-planning lunch the week before we leave,  and the making (and testing) of a LARGE amount of trail mix.


This was our first time to camp at Lake Skiatook.  It's a beautiful lake, only about 1-1/2 hours from our house with a beautiful drive along Highway 33.  If you ever go, check out campsite #53 at Twin Pointe.  It's a great corner site with plenty of tent room....and it will never be the same :)


All the grands!  Many hours of fun spent at the park. Uncle Kody and Uncle Jacob took them to play many times!

Watching for mermaids.  Lily was convinced they were in the lake. 

Throwing rocks at the mermaids?  Oh, and notice the shoes.  Perfect for a princess on a campout!



Our kids love games.  A few games of cards and dominoes.....until it was time to eat again!

Grandpa showing off his campfire making skills.


 Drinking coffee (and hot chocolate and apple cider) around the fire.  It was pretty cool on Saturday morning.

Gotta have that flavored creamer with our coffee....even on a campout!


One of our camping favorites....biscuits on a stick.

Oooo...they're good!


Camping as a family is a great time of focus.  No outside interruptions, plenty of campfire talks when the kids are asleep, lots of playing time, great food, reading and napping. 

Does your family camp? 


Ali Ruhman said...

Can we go back? My kid's acted better there!!

Theresa said...

We camp in the backyard. I got a big pond and a firepit. ;)

Looks like fun!

erin said...

Notice no 10 mile hikes this time where we get lost. I think we got the right idea this time . . . stay close to the camp and be lazy!

deleise said...

We do the same as Theresa. Sometimes I wake up and I'm inside the house in my cozy bed. Oops!

The kids are trying to get me to go somewhere where I can't see my home, so I'll probably have to cave soon.

Dusty Takle said...

So, do you REALLY sleep in a tent? Really? Would you believe I have never been camping? Unless, of course, you include spending the night in my grandparents' RV when I was little. Does that count?

Oh, I so want to camp. For real.

Cindy Beall said...

We haven't camped in a while but need to.

And we need to invite Dusty :)

manymeadows said...

Dusty...Dirk and I sleep in the Pilot! haha. All the rest are in tents.

You MUST try camping! It is the best family fun you'll have!