Tuesday, October 07, 2008

The Principles of the Principal

The boys weren't getting along.  In fact, the worst atrocity that could ever happen in the history of all mankind had happened.  One of the boys sat in the other boy's usual school place!  You know....he made a power-play.  He pushed his brother's buttons.  He knew just what would make him frustrated.  And it worked.

Words and attitudes escalated to the point that it was just easier to bring Principal Meadows in to help work things out.  Besides, he was still home.


Principal Meadows sat down at the table with both boys, one, with a smirk on his face and the other, visibly frustrated.  This is what I overheard:

 "Right now you are in competition with one another.  But one of these days, I think there will come a time where you will fight for and take up for one another.  It's not there right now, because everything is "what can I get over you" ? That will change over time, because I hope you'll see that isn't worthwhile.  When you learn to prefer each other, that's what will make the difference.  When you know that you love each other enough to sacrifice for the other and learn that not everything is about you; that you're not centered on yourself.  Like Jesus was---He wanted what was best for everyone beside himself.  I hope you'll choose to prefer and uphold the honor of your brother."

Their response?  They listened.  It looked like gears were clicking.  Maybe it was just hunger...it was nearing lunch time.

 Whatever it was, there hasn't been any school-place stealing since that day.  Not a whole lot of extra-special-brother-love, either.

 But, they're learning.  They're growing.  We're not done yet.  I'm sure glad I'm not at it alone.

That Principal Meadows sure has good principles. And I think he's pretty darn cute, too!



deleise said...

What a wise man you are blessed with.

Full of Joy said...

Can we just page the principal when we need him? :)

Cindy Beall said...

He just oozes wisdom, doesn't he?

You do, too, for the record.

aaron said...

principal Meadows in that moment had self control and wisdom...wow. I would have probably just dropped the hammer or something. Good lesson learned today!

erin said...

You mean the same fights my 3 & 5 year olds have still happen when they're that old? Oh no, we have a long way to go. Good thing we have a good principal in this house too! And of course we can always send them to Grandpa principal if we're tired of dealing with them right??? ;-)

Ali Ruhman said...

I was thinkin the same thing as Erin.

Theresa said...

Sounds like great wisdom is coming from your home. :)

Kim Heinecke said...

I was really blessed by that.