Tuesday, October 28, 2008

He's 16!

He’s 16 today, Kody Samuel Meadows.

 It’s really hard to believe.  (It's true---it goes by really fast!!)

Samuel means “asked of God”.  Kody means “cushion or pillow”…(we changed it to “comfort”.) 

He was our sixth.  Not that we were asking for more….we just weren’t NOT asking (if you know what I mean). 

I had determined in my heart, during this pregnancy, that I was going to enjoy this baby.  And it’s a good thing I did!  He was a fussy, sickly baby.  It took 5 other brothers and sisters plus 2 parents to raise him. J 

One of our favorite stories about him is when he was about 3, he would wake up really early in the morning, starving, I presume.  He would walk into our room, stand by the bed, and look me in the face (really closely) until I woke up….startled!  Then, in his forever-deep voice, he’d ask, “Can you get me some ce-rel (cereal).”  I got really good at sending him to ask a sibling.  Anna was the best at getting up, fixing Kody a bowl and then heading back to bed. 

Today, he’s a strong, healthy young man seeking God’s heart.  He plays the guitar outstandingly well, is a leader among his peers, and is a very hard worker.

We’re excited to see how God continues to grow him.  In the meantime, he still lives on cereal (and hamburgers, and chicken fried steak (when he can get it), and hot dogs, and whatever else we can find to keep him filled up!)

Happy Birthday Kody!!


Theresa said...

Happy Birthday!!!

I always knew Anna was a caregiver. :)

deleise said...

That's so sweet. He looks very unfussy and unsickly now! Happy birthday!

Krissy said...

Mesa is the same way about the cereal! She starts asking for cereal before her eyes ever even open! It always cracks me up because I know she got it from her "Uncle Ko-Ko"! Happy Birthday Kody!

Anna Meadows said...

Wow, Kody, you're hot!! Ha-ha just kidding!!

Happy Birthday!

Ali Ruhman said...

Awwww all grown up! Happy B-day!!

Katie said...

It so was NOT Anna, I always got up and got him cereal!!

Anyway, happy birthday Kody!!

Michael said...

Happy Birthday to Kody! Tell him I'm jealous for getting that delicious lunch. haha!