Friday, May 02, 2008

Friday Finds

Yeah, Robin is bragging on one of her kids again…
So, go check out Anna’s marathon pictures from last Sunday. She came in 39th of 500 something runners! And had only trained for a couple of weeks.
Cute blog of a friend of mine- moms will understand
Just released last week. Marcy Priest’s new CD! Marcy is an annointed worship leader and just a fun girl! (come see her at the Edmond campus). Order her CD today….you won’t be disappointed. Her songs are original, fresh, and compelling, expressing her passionate heart and love for Jesus.

Coming next week. A series on CONTROL….ooooo…I know it gives you the chills just thinking about it! ; )

Dad's home...ahh...contentment.

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deleise said...

Wha???? She only trained for a couple of weeks??? Wow.