Friday, May 09, 2008

Friday Finds

Internet issues at the ManyMeadows. We've been without for TWO WHOLE DAYS! ; )--the storm knocked out our Wi-Fi.


Check out my friend Elizabeth's new book find...or maybe you've already read it. Either way, she's got a good idea about brushing your daughters' hair.


Miss Creative, Kim is back with some cute lunch ideas. Make some for your kids....or just for yourself! ; )


This stop needs to be part of your daily Bible study. Get your coffee---it'll take you a bit. But, I guarantee you, you won't be disappointed!!


Lettuce update:


Weekend plans? We'll have the whole family here on Sunday afternoon. Still working on the deck around the pool too. It's going to be great to have this year!

What about you? Doing anything fun and eventful?


Theresa said...

Glad to see you back!

I hope you have the greatest of Mothers Day with your huge family!!

Lettuce looks yummy!! And it is 0 points! :)

Patrick Sievert said...

Heck yes for the lettuce!

Nicole Knox said...

We are going to Tulsa for Easter=) We never do holidays on the day since both Tim and his dad or pastors. I cant wait to see family!