Friday, May 30, 2008

Friday Finds

This series of posts on training our children has been fun. I encourage you to take the time to read through the comments from the last two weeks....there's a wealth of information in them!


My s-i-l, Alexander is writing about his and Katie's travels in Jerusalem. Very interesting information. Check it out! Soon he'll be telling about Galilee, Jordan, and Egypt!

Yesterday, May 29, was Erin and Jon's 10th wedding anniversary! Wow! Ten years goes fast! Jacob was 3 years old at that wedding! He was supposed to carry the ring with Kody, 5, then go sit with my sister. He didn't. He got to the front of the aisle, saw me, and then sat on my lap the entire wedding asking loudly, "Can we go to Taco Bell?"


We're keeping Kaden and Will overnight. Here's why 50 year olds shouldn't have small children of their own....we forget to keep an eye on them!

Dirk and I were talking at the table toward the end of dinner. Everyone else had left the kitchen, but Will, who was still sitting at the bar. The bowl in front of him had been full of corn-on-the-cob. He helped himself to 3 more pieces, munched on each one, and decorated one of them with corn holders. ; ) He sure is cute!

What's your weekend hold? Our boys have a micro-mission all day Saturday, we have a wedding on Saturday night, and Lifestock (Lifechurch at a local theme park for an all day party and baptism bash!) on Sunday.


princessjes said...

AWWW! that's sweet Happy anniversary Erin & Jon!!!!
I'm so excited for Lifestock

Cindy Beall said...

I am pretty sure that my weekend will consist of me sitting in this chair.

For a long time :)

michelle wyatt said...

unfortunatly because of work i can not go to the wedding..but i will be at lifestock!!

Ali Ruhman said...

AWWWW Will is so creative.

I didn't realize lifestock was this weekend. I'm not sure if were going or not because of work.

We are going to a family carnival at chesapeake tonight. Then work, work, and work!!

Abbi said...

LOVE the Taco Bell comment Jake made at the wedding. Too funny. Will is pretty darn cute...Love the corn sculpture.

Congrats to Erin and Jon! :)

Nicole Knox said...

We are going to our Life Group leaders Lake House!!

Theresa said...

Have a blessed weekend! It sounds busy.

I have been enjoying this series. Thank you for it!!

Katie said...

Did you skip a couple of birthdays? Because last time I checked you weren't 50. ::wink-wink::

This weekend we're taking a short trip to Galilee ;)

runningmama said...

That is the cutest kid. There much have been some interesting conversation at your dinner table. He accomplished quite a bit during that meal!!

Donna said...

I love the corn art! The kid has talent.