Friday, July 11, 2008

Friday Finds

This will be a full weekend of celebration for us. Katie (our youngest daughter) and Alexander return today from their 8 weeks of travel! We are so excited to see them later this afternoon. They will be staying with us while they locate a new home in Edmond, since they stored everything and moved out of their apartment before they left. (if you know of a cute house or duplex for rent near UCO, let us know).

We have a welcome home party planned this evening.

Read about their travels here.


Also, Dirk and I celebrate our 34th wedding anniversary on Saturday! Wow!! That's a lot of years! l'm married to the best guy in the world. Really!

AND, Katie and Alexander celebrate their FIRST wedding anniversary the same day. They were married on the same date at the same church(Northwest Baptist in OKC) as we were AND as my parents were!

What are you doing this weekend?


Theresa said...

We are finally having Hope's birthday pool party. Still Smokey but we just need to get it done.

Craig and I just celebrated today (10th) our 17th wedding anniversary. I ate real butter at dinner. I know big points. LOL

I have been reading Alexander's blog. What a great trip. Enjoy your party. Glad they made it back safe and sound!!!

Happy Anniversary to you both!!!!

deleise said...

What a great weekend for the Meadows! Have fun!

Roger Garrett said...

34 years that is awesome. Shelly and I are going away to Hot Springs next weekend to celebrate our 13th

Jayma said...


Jordan Garrett said... dad might be able to help with katie and alexander's house/rent situation. I'm not sure if he can help, but hes a realator and might be able to if you need it! Sounds like a busy weekend!

Jordan Garrett said...

OH! and congrats on the anniversary!!!

Farm Fresh Jessica said...

Many Happy Returns on your anniversary.

Hmmm...weekend plans...tomorrow- as much lying around as I can get away with, Sunday-church, possibly a family reunion and our Baby C's baby shower.

mandy said...


Donna said...

WOW! Congrats to the 34 years!!! Welcome home Katie and Alexander!

Abbi said...

How could I have forgotten your anniversary?! How awful of me!! CONGRATS!!! though belated!!!