Wednesday, July 16, 2008

He Says She Says

When Dirk and I started dating (a million years ago) I noticed there were some terms that he used that were different from the ones I grew up using. Some of these I’ve adopted. Some are still the same.

Glove box or glove compartment?
Commode, stool, pot or toilet?
Ice box or refrigerator?
Foot-feed or accelerator?
Turn signal or blinker?

And that doesn’t even count the bodily function terms that I don’t dare go into.

How about you? Which of these terms do you use?

Have any term discrepancies in your own home or relationships?


GinaL said...

Wow. I can't remember any except for coke. You know how in Oklahoma coke is all soda? Yeah. It's not in New Mexico. That caused some friction. Nothing big though.

Cindy Beall said...

glove compartment
neither...I say "gas"

Anonymous said...

Ha! I remeber when Sam and I were dating, his mom told me to put the lettuce on the drain board. I stood there, lettuce in hand, wondering, "what is a drain board?" I started looking for maybe a cutting board that you could place next to the sink so that it could drain into dice. Since I couldn't see anything else that fit the description, i just placed the lettuce kinda close to the sink on the counter top! For future reference: drain board = counter top. :) - Jayme

deleise said...

Dressing vs. stuffing? That's a regional one that always comes up at the ol' Thanksgiving table.

David sometimes calls our entryway the foyer. That makes me laugh. Then I call it the lobby. Aren't we halarious?

FULL OF JOY said...

Coke vs. Pop

erin said...

I say . . .
glove box

Kim Heinecke said...

glove compartment
"gas" with Cindy

Term discrepancies in my world: sofa/divan (I correctly say sofa)

Anonymous said...

remote or clicker?
Supper or dinner?

Roger Garrett said...

Glove box
gas pedal

Shelly and I have different pronunciations like I say syrup with an "I" sound and she says it with "ER" SERUP. I say wolf with the "L" sound and she says "woof"
Cracks me up and we both laugh about it

Donna said...

I grew up calling a flower bed a garden. I have been corrected....a flower bed is for flowers, a garden is for growing food-mainly veggies.

glove compartment
gas pedal

Christi said...

"Dinner" or "supper" is a big one around here. Guess that shows we are truly from the south!

Oh, and I still say "I'm going to town" or "to the city"...ha ha

Jayma said...

Toilet (LOU) :)

And, I know it wasn't a MILLION years ago!

Natalie @ I AM (not) said...

glove box
ice box

tinny shoes, or tennis shoes
(i say tinny and JT makes fun)

yep, coke for everything

Christie said...

we have more pronunciation diffrences than actual words... Syrup is actually one of our big ones, He says it 'SURP'...He's from Guthrie :) I say Sur-UP.

He says 'Valentimes' Day...notice the M. It drives me NUTS!

I say Tenna Shoes...He says Sneakers.

These are actually the things we used to fight about! Thank you Jesus for your healing power!

Abbi said...

Having lived in GA during college, the ones I remember varying the most were at the grocery store: coke, of course, but also: shopping cart/basket/buggy and bag/sack. One time I told the cashier, "I don't need my milk in a sack, please." and she looked at me like she'd never heard the word 'sack' before!

My family has funny nicknames for lots of things, too. We've NEVER called it the 'dining room'; to this day, it's "the-where-we-eat". See 2/11-08 post. :)

I'll have to start paying attention to the words Andrew and I vary on. I'll get back to you.