Wednesday, July 30, 2008


I’ve got some school-year planning to do, but I’m really putting it off. I think I’m trying to get the most out of summertime.

I have a few more things I want to do before I have to think too much about the next academic year.

How about you?

1. When do your kids begin school?
2. What do you need to prepare to be ready?
3. What are you going to do with the time you have left?

I’ll go first.

1. We never begin school until the Tuesday after Labor Day (I’m just rebellious like that) ;)

2. I need to do some Algebra 2 review, plan some science and World History and get together some Bible teachings and memory work. I also plan to do a book study on dating (or not dating) with the boys.

3. Get Theresa’s room ready
Have lunch with my girls, sister and mom
Have a few more family get-togethers
Go to Wichita Wildlife Refuge and climb Eagle Mountain
Go on some more motorcycle rides
Replace the window covering in my living room

Your turn.


Jordan Garrett said...

ewww...algebra's a killer. good luck with that one!!! have fun the rest of your summer! im kinda winging it..

Robin Meadows said...

Oops, Jordan....Algebra 2! I'll change it...and guess I'd really better get busy studying! ;)

Jordan Garrett said...

HA! even better....(if you can't tell i really don't enjoy math...)

deleise said...

We always start on the Tues. after labor day, too. This year we are starting early because we are taking a two week vacation in the middle of September.

I need to plan, too. David is taking the kids out all day Friday so I can do that. What book study are you doing? Garrett and I are about to start I Kissed Dating Goodbye. Wanna exchange notes? (read:guide me? ha!)

memykidsteacher said...

We are also being rebellious and taking our summer vacay to my parents' house in MI when everyone else goes back to school! The homeschool advantage.

Taking school work with us though! Another homeschool advantage, although the kids would not agree!

Please don't leave us SUMMER. We love you .... don't go ....

FULL OF JOY said...

That is so funny, I am the same way about Labor day. Although I have been doing a little school here and there, shhhh they don't even know. :)

HomeSchool Mommy said...

Who's Theresa? Should I know this?

GinaL said...

This year we are beginning school August 20th. I usually start August 1st and go until June 30th, because we take lots of breaks in the year. But now that we have my brother and sister with us, we are going to follow the public school calendar. They have to go, otherwise I might homeschool them too.

I have lots of planning to do. Its on my list for today. I have quite a bit to buy still. For all of them. Its awful really how unprepared I am.

With the rest of summer, we are going to try to fit in some fun. Any kind really. And just take it day to day.

Theresa said...

HI!!!! I am Theresa! Please don't worry to much about getting ready for me. I am pretty laid back. I would like a couple pillows. I like ice water. Maybe a blanket. Can I share your WIFI? :) 2 more weeks, I can't wait. Thanks again for having me!!

BTW: My kids head back to school on the 18th. The day I fly home.

Farm Fresh Jessica said...

1--We pretty much do school year round, so we can skip days that are too chaotic. (of course I am doing just pre-k right now, so that allows for a lot more flexibility than w/ older kids)
2--Open a book. We do Sonlight, so "school" is reading aloud. I do still need to get their memory verse calendars ready.
3--Take care of the newborn and fit in some playdates.