Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Green Beans.....Again

Remember these?

Last weekend, Erin and I put some of those green beans in the freezer.
(yes, she's dressed. She has on her swimming suit)
(also, she's multi-tasking: talking on the phone, snapping beans, and watching kids in the pool)
While Erin snapped the beans, I kept them going in the kitchen. We're freezing these, and vegetables keep better if they are blanched first.

Next, they are cooled quickly in ice water.

Yum! Fresh, blanched beans.

This group made 20 cups. They sure will taste good this winter!

Have you ever canned or frozen food for later use? Or did your mom or grandmother?


Kim Heinecke said...

Oh YES! I have very fond memories of "snapping" green beans with my grandparents. Then we'd have a big pot of fresh green beans and new potatoes... yummy.

Nicole Knox said...

You teach me something new everyday! Thanks for yesterday we had a great time. See you in a week. We get to love on your boys=)

Theresa said...

I use to help my grandmother can and make her preserves.

I love green beans! They look yummy!!

Natalie @ I AM (not) said...

What the heck does blanced mean?

Roger Garrett said...

My grandmother used to can all kinds of things. It was always fun to eat them later

Cindy Beall said...

Blanching, huh? Need a lesson in that. Is that what we country folk do?

Abbi said...

OH. MAN. My mom's mom cans/pickles/freezes food like CRAZY! TWO refrigerators and TWO deep-freezers AND an entire cellar in their house. FULL. Granted, they live on a farm, but still...there's honey in their basement cellar from years ago...they're also the kind of folks who can't bear to be wasteful. ;)

Julie Anne said...

I attempted freezing fresh green beans 2 summers ago, but never knew that you had to blanch them first. It was AWFUL. We had to throw away quite a few green beans because they tasted soo awful. I am looking forward to doing it the right way this year!!

I also freeze strawberry jam, homemade salsa, applesauce, and tomato sauce (it is easier than canning and we have an extra freezer)

Robin Meadows said...

Blanching is boiling the vegetables for just a few minutes to remove enzymes and bacteria that prevents them from keeping fresh tasting and fresh looking after they're frozen.

Abbi---I've had some of your grandmother's Nebraska sweet corn! Yum!!

Welcome Julie Anne!

valerie said...

My grandma and my mom used to can greenbeans with a pressure cooker.
I remember being so scared of the pressure cooker. My mom would tell me to go look at what the temperature said because it could blow up if it got too hot or too high??? I don't know, I just know that I was always too scared to try canning like that.
I've never heard of blanching greenbeans and then freezing them.
I love all of the summer veggies.
All we've canned so far is pickled beets. We froze corn on the cob and next will be pickled okra.
You're right....come winter it tastes so good.