Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Pay it Forward

Kaden was taking pictures, I was taking pictures, and Erin even snapped a few.

Then we watched the fireworks and took a few more.

Come Monday morning, I wanted to take some vine pictures at the garden.

But, my camera was nowhere. I looked in the car---three times. I looked in all the places it might have been (hey, and I found that lost library book from last year!)

In a panic, I called everyone who was watching fireworks with us .

I called Edmond and UCO. No camera was turned in.

Dirk and the boys even drove to the area where we were on Friday night and looked around. No camera.

Then, I put an ad on Craig’s List.

I wrestled with how stupid I was for a while. How disappointed I was in not being more careful. Thought about how wasteful I was in losing something that cost so much. Believed some lies for a while.

Then, I just released it. Let it go. I thought about how it was only a camera, and not my child.

Tuesday morning I found two e-mails in my inbox from my Craig’s List post suggesting I check the classifieds in the Edmond Sun. There was a listing of a camera found at the UCO Fireworks display! I politely waited until 8:30 am to call the number. Matt Smith, co- owner of Smith’s Carpet in Edmond answered.

And you guessed it! It WAS my camera! I described some of the photos on the camera and the young gentleman said, “ Yes, and there are a lot of garden pictures on it too.” ;) Yep, it’s mine.

I called my family giving them the good news, and Andrew tells me, “Oh, Matt Smith? I know him. He used to hang out with Erin and I back in highschool."

Well, I never got to meet Matt. He was away from the store when I went to get my camera. I left him a long note giving him my appreciation and explaining the connection. He left his business card in my camera case saying, "Pay it forward". Cool, huh?

So, if you are struggling with the perception that people just aren’t kind and thoughtful and have a lack of quality character anymore, give it up. It’s just not so. Complete strangers went out of their way to make sure my camera came home where it belongs.

Yeah, I’m God’s favorite.

You are too!

Oh, and if you need any carpet, consider giving Matt a try. He’s an honest guy.


Kim Heinecke said...

Glad you got it back!!

Now WHERE did I put that tank of gas I THOUGHT I had... Anyone? Anyone?

Roger Garrett said...

I think I left a bunch of of my salsa making ingredients in your garden. Have you seen them?

Natalie @ I AM (not) said...

That is so cool! I like roger's comment. that made me laugh!

Nicole Knox said...

Thats a neat story!

GinaL said...

That was so nice! And they do a good job, my friend Jenny used them, and she knew Matt in high school too. Just fyi!

mandy said...

how are you?
i'm so jealous of your tan.

Jayma said...

Isn't losing your camera a horrible feeling!?

I love being God's favorite!!!

Jordan Garrett said...

oh no! i always worry when i lose stuff..which happens a LOT. im glad you got it back! it's good to see honest people in the world still :)