Monday, October 29, 2007

Brain Surgery?

This is really a no-brainer…but I thought it would be fun to do together!
First, gather an old bath towel or some newspaper, and a damp cloth. Lay the towel or newspaper on your bed or tabletop.

Ready? Dump the contents of your purse onto the towel. Shake out your purse really well.

Discard the gum wrappers, used tissues, sucker sticks, etc.

Put notes, cards, receipts (that you didn’t put into your wallet when you received them) into a pile.

Now, take your damp cloth and wipe down the outside of your purse (unless it’s leather). Next, wipe down the inside, including pockets. Get into the corners really well. Hope you didn’t find melted lipstick like I did one time! But, if so, clean it with paper towels.

Begin placing the necessary items back into your purse. Put away or discard the remaining items.

Make note to self:

Do NOT put some of those things into my purse EVER again!
Buy myself a nice, new purse (if it’s really not cleanable).
Remember that my purse really does reveal my brain……

PS – I’ve decided to make a new chore card for myself----a reminder to clean out my purse on a regular basis. Maybe every two weeks?


Erin said...

yes, i do this once a week. plus have you heard about how many germs are on women's purses? it is disgusting! so please anti-bacterial those purses! i was wondering what the funniest thing was that anyone's found in their purse. mine - dried toast crusts & big syringe that you use to inject butter in a turkey (thanks to my kids) :>

Abbi said...

I know this group of women that refer to certain kinds of purses as "Dump Purses"--you know the kind--you have to dump them out just to find anything!

I've got one of those right now and I HATE it. It's just one, big, bottomless pit. If it's truly a reflection of my brain, that means both the purse and my brain are full of useful things that can't be located when needed. YIKES! :)