Sunday, October 21, 2007

In ten years.....

Our camping trip was so much fun! We camped at beautiful Greenleaf State Park. Friday we took a pontoon boat out on the lake for a few hours. Some of us fished. We went on walks, took naps and played. We experienced wonderful weather, great food and enjoyable conversations. Jackets were needed for the cool evenings and we stayed warm by the campfire. Our meals were yummy comfort foods like chili, grilled steaks and chicken, breakfast burritos with biscuits cooked over the campfire, and of course the requisite “smores”. The grandchildren (ages 2-8) enjoyed their time together and were so cute (I only took 433 pictures). We all agreed to camp together again next Fall Break. And the conversation the first night turned to Dirk’s usual question, “What will you be doing in ten years?”

According to the answers, in ten years……

We will have at least four more grandchildren
Two more in-laws
One son-in-law will be finishing up residency as a physician
One daughter will be educating her children at home.
One daughter will be working as an RN
One son-in-law will be working in his new career.
One son-in-law will be home from Iraq
I won’t be teaching any children at home; my youngest will have graduated from college!
One daughter will have finished writing a book and will be speaking to groups around the US
Some of our children will live out of state
My youngest son will be 23
My oldest grandchild will be 18 going to college on a rodeo scholarship
Some of us will still be happily doing what we’re doing now

I wonder what I’ll blog about when I’m 62?


HomeSchool Mommy said...

Wow! Those are some great answers! Growing up, my mom would have us write a "letter" each year on our birthday. We would write everything that we would be doing in ten years and she put them all in our "baby" books (we had baby books that went through our Senior year in high school.)

It's SOOOO fun to go back and look at the funny things we said.

Now that I think about it, I think we'll start doing that as a family and I'll put them in our annual scrapbooks. Fun!

Robin Meadows said...

What a great idea! I did terrible with the baby book thing. We do have a file with each child's "stuff" in it, but I never got them organized. My girls are scrapbooking now---making memories for their children to see. They are GREAT at it, and I love seeing their new pages.