Sunday, October 14, 2007

It Was One of Those Days......

It was one of “those” days. It started off okay, but from there everything just went downhill. There seemed to be interruption, after interruption. Neither of the boys seemed to be able to focus on their schoolwork. I was getting a headache. One that
starts in your shoulders and keeps moving up until your head is pounding. Stress! But, we kept pressing on. Must get that schoolwork done!

Next, it was time to go over the science the boys had just read. Fun stuff about genetics, chromosomes, and heridity. I try to make it interesting, but….., well, sometimes it’s just not. My headache was getting worse. Must press on! So, I began asking review questions from what we had just read about genetics.

“What is a fraternal twin?” I ask in my most upbeat “teacher” voice.

Jacob, 13, answers with a grin, “It’s a twin that goes to college and joins a fraternity!”

That broke the monotony for the day! We laughed a lot, tried to get back on track and my headache even lessened a bit. And then we reviewed the correct meaning of a fraternal twin.

A friend told me the other day that you retain information seven times better when you laugh!

I’ll bet my boys never forget what a fraternal twin is.

Now, if I could just think of some great spelling and grammar jokes….


Abbi said...

Glad to hear the laughing is helping the 'remembering'. Jacob is so funny. I like his answer. haha. Good stuff.

If I hear any good spelling/grammar jokes or puns I will pass them along. :)

All for Him said...

That's cute!

All for Him said...

I can give you some truth to defeat those headaches!