Sunday, October 28, 2007


Years ago I heard it said that the inside of your purse reveals the inside of your head.

Wow! Mine was constantly full of clutter! It seems when you have young children your purse is everything from the lunch bag to the trash can. And mine could have qualified for both!

Since the time I first heard that statement, I’ve worked to keep my purse much more clean and cleaned out. And it really has helped me be a bit more organized in other areas of my life.

Here are a few things I’ve learned from experience that have helped me:

Carry a small purse.

It should hold only:

Your keys
Your cell phone
Your wallet
A lipstick
A pen and some paper
A pack of tissues (if needed)

Anything else should go into another bag. (toys, snacks, books, etc.)

If you carry a diaper bag, consider having your purse items fit inside it. Then you won’t be carrying two bags. (and losing or leaving one).

When grocery shopping, consider carrying your cash, keys and cell phone in jeans or jacket pockets. Leave your purse locked up in the car.

When the cashier gives you a receipt, put it immediately into your wallet.

When purchasing a purse, make sure there is at least one inside pocket for holding your keys. They should be placed in that pocket each time you turn off your car. (check before you get out of the car).

Carry only one or two purses per season.

Put it in the same location every time you come home.

Get ready…..tomorrow we clean out our purse!


HomeSchool Mommy said...

This was a fun post!

Good tips.

I haven't carried a purse in a couple of years. I need to find me a cute one...maybe it will help me become more organized when I leave the house.

Robin Meadows said...

Check out Target in their clearance section and also Ross. I've been fairly successful there. Thanks for the comment!

Anna said...

I don't even carry a purse any more... what's that say about my brain?? Ha-ha! I carry my ID holder, phone and keys in my hands or pockets... it's really simplified my life!

This was a good blog... I'm thinking about starting one of my own...

Robin Meadows said...

Yes, and how many times, Anna (my daughter) have we looked for that ID holder? :)

YES! Start a blog---soon!

Katie said...

I stopped carrying a purse about a year ago and it got to where I could never find my keys, phone, camera, wallet or anything!

I just starting carrying a purse again and it's helped me a lot. It will probably get all cluttered again and it will help me to go back to not carrying one, I guess it's a cycle!

Robin Meadows said...

Just hang on....we'll be cleaning out that purse tomorrow!

YOU lost your keys? No way! ; )