Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Less Stress!

I’m all about simplicity and no stress! Here are a few things that have helped me through the years.

· have nap times and regular bed times (for your children AND you, if needed!)

· advance preparation for meals and academic lessons

· oldest gets “shotgun”—this has always worked best for our family. I didn’t have to remember whose turn it was! And everyone gets a chance for front seat, eventually.

· nothing is ever divided evenly---not gifts, not privileges, not even time (more on this later)

*give yourself plenty of grace and mercy-- When it’s just not working, take a break. Tell your child, “I just can’t do this anymore right now. Let’s step away from this and come back a little bit later.” (It might be tomorrow, it MIGHT be next week!)

What are some things that make your life less stressful?

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    Scott said...

    "Nothing is ever divided evenly!" I like that strategy. My boys will complete a chore together and one will decide to to work harder than the other or not finish the task; I compensate them accordingly. :-)