Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Enduring or Embracing?

I remember one day when my children were young, Dirk coming home from work, finding us all sitting in the floor crying. Even me! I was done. Done in, over-done, and un-done. I was looking for the place where mothers go to resign. I was looking past the now, and looking forward to the time when my mundane, hard days would be over. I was only enduring, but I wasn’t even doing that very well.

After settling us all down he later talked to me about a concept I’ve since used again and again.

Embracing the situation. He told me, “Robin, it’s not going to get any easier for quite a while. You’re going to have to decide to accept that and do the best you can.” My attitude needed changing.

After much complaining and gnashing of teeth, I started making the choice to accept that my days were going to be boring and uneventful-----unless I made them more fun. I was always going to be stressed and overwhelmed, unless I learned to give up and accept the fact that with all God had given me, He’d also provide a way for me to deal with it in a loving, patient manner.

As I learned to give up and give in, life got easier. Well, maybe it really didn’t, but it seemed like it.

God has given us all something that enables us to embrace every difficult situation we’ll ever encounter. You probably already know, but I’ll tell you about it tomorrow.

Are you enduring or embracing?


Scott Williams said...


Robin Meadows said...

Scott, there's NO doubt about it!

Enjoy your trip!!

Christi said...

Robin- That is EXACTLY what I needed to hear today..thanks:)

HomeSchool Mommy said...

One of my buds just blogged on this topic today, too. Good words.

Robin Meadows said...

christi-glad it helped. I do understand!

hsm - post the link. I'd enjoy reading it.

annie said...

I checked the link a few times and wasn't sure what you were talking about but I'm glad you figured it out! Thanks for stopping by!
I enjoyed reading this. I need to remind myself to embrace and not endure my situation. I think I do embrace for the most part, but occasionally I find myself just enduring.

All for Him said...

Embracing! and enjoying the journey!