Sunday, January 27, 2008


We just returned from eleven days of vacation, eight of which were spent on a cruise ship with 3000 people from all over the world. Three of those 3000, we’ve cruised with yearly now for 3 years. Strangers, until that first cruise, we chat on-line throughout the year, then meet for a week each year and enjoy each other’s company. This year we met two more couples. The nine of us would eat together each night and spend our time together at the ports our ship visited. We all share a common interest ---cruising.

This unique and fun relationship got me to thinking. How is it that we can spend one week a year with otherwise complete strangers, enjoying their company and seemingly, them enjoying ours? I’ve decided it comes down to commitment. We were all committed to spending a delightful week together with the common goal of having fun, rest and relaxation.

Commitment is the beginning place of getting to know the needs and desires of those around us. When we are together seeking a common goal, we will go beyond the natural tendencies of taking care of our own needs and begin seeing what we can do for those who share that commitment. With cruising, the commitment is easy. It’s all about recreation. There’s not a lot of opportunity for discord, or disagreements. And while it’s fun for a week, as cruising buddies, we only know a part of each other. Unlike a lot of you, these people don’t know and share in the disappointments, heartaches, and failures I’ve experienced as a mom and wife.

So, my fellow blog readers, family and friends, thank you for being committed to sticking with me the remaining 354 days of the year. I look forward to growing through the mess-ups and victories of life with the common goal of living each day and loving each other to the fullest!

Or, maybe, this makes no sense, and I just need to be institutionally committed? ;-)

PS - We had a lot of fun!


shanna said...

I am so happy you are back! I love that God has given you these cruising relationships. How precious. So when are we having coffee again? I am having Robin withdrawls ;)

Cindy Beall said...

Makes sense to me. So, if you are committed, I will follow :)

I AM SO GLAD YOU ARE BACK! I really didn't like not getting my Robin dose.


Christie said...

Robin! Im with Shanna on having withdrawls! I am glad to have you blog reading just wasn't the same without you!

I am so glad you guys had a fun time!!! What a great treat for the two of you after years of COMMITMENT to each other and your family. God is so FUN!

HomeSchool Mommy said...

How wonderful that you have people to meet with each year on your cruises! That's very fun!

I'm glad you're back! We missed you in bloggyville.

Anna said...

it makes sense... glad you're home.

Natalie said...

I'm in.

Abbi said...

Glad you're back, Mama Meadows! (And Dirk, too!) :)

It's always amazed me at how you immediately care for a person more the SECOND you find out you have something in common with them.

In that case, I suppose, the 'commitment' is to making intentional steps towards getting to know a person until you find that commonality "glue" that holds you together.

I've enjoyed growing and learning and failing and succeeding with you. Thanks for all your wisdom! Love you!

Robin Meadows said...

Shanna--let's do it! Your call.

Cindy, Christie, Elizabeth, Anna, and Natalie--You guys are too sweet---thanks for the good words. This life is quite a ride! I'm glad to share it with you all.

Abbi--intentional is where it's at. Otherwise, we just float through life taking it as it comes. I love you!

deleise said...

Whew! Glad you're back! I kept clicking on your blog and seeing that airplane....

IDnJC said...

Welcome home! We are still waiting for an invitation to hang on the land :O)

Look at how God is using you in so many of our lives! amazing! thanks for being a vessel!

princessjes said...

Mama meadows! I'm so glad y'all have returned...sorry I missed the coming home party... I needed a little time home too!
I can't wait to hear your stories as well!
p.s. you guys look marvelous!

Katie said...

haha--institutionally committed, you're funny!

It made sense to me. ;)