Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Eight in '08

Eight things you may not know about me

1. I was born and raised in New Mexico
2. Dirk and I each have one sibling
3. I am at least a fourth generation Christ follower—in both my parents’ families!
4. 5 of my children were born at home-2 at a birth center
5. I was a piano and vocal major in college
6. I’d rather read a good book than watch a movie
7. I really enjoy being outdoors and gardening
8. Dirk and I leave for our 3rd annual cruise in 13 days!

What are your eight?


HomeSchool Mommy said...

Wow! I didn't realize how you birthed your children. I would LOVE to hear more about those!!!

Where did you go to college?

Have fun on your cruise! Where's it headed?

Donna said...

Hey we have some things in common. I had three of our four children at home and our first at a birthing center too. Lovely experience isn't it.

IDnJC said...

4th Gen. Christ follower - that is just amazing! No wonder you have the foundation you do - and your kids - 5th generation! God is truly Good!

Cindy Beall said...

Piano and vocal major? Now, that's impressive.

Robin Meadows said...

Hey, thanks guys----but I still want to know some unknown facts about you!

A little more info: I went to OBU--Dirk graduated, I didn't.

Cruising from San Diego to Acapulco and two other ports on Carnival Spirit.

piano and vocal major--my mom was/is a vocal and piano instructor with a degree from OU. Still a passion of mine.

4th gen Christ-follower--it's a blessing that's hard to believe! I'll share more about it later.

Abbi said...

Random Abbi Tidbits:
1. I am named after my mom's high school friend, Aleda Gale (Abigail) and the high school sweetheart of one of my dad's first students with whom he is still friends (Jean).
2. I broke my leg at age 3 by doing 'gymnastics' off my headboard.
3. I won the Kearney County (NEB) Spelling Bee in 4th, 5th, AND 6th grade.
4. I've never ridden a horse, gone fishing, or been camping. (I'm guessing THAT will change when it warms up, don't you suppose?! ;)
5. I am one of 67 great-grandchildren.
6. I got my braces off in 8th grade (I was 13) and I still wear my retainers to bed every night.
7. My sisters and I all have the same initials: AJZ
8. Though I've dated quite a bit, Andrew is my first "official" boyfriend. :)

Scott Williams said...

1. Born in Claremore, OK
2. I can't swim
3. I was in the prison system for 13 years
4. I am trying to talk my wife into having another child
5. Braum's Brickle Ice Cream
6. I originally went to school to be a lawyer
7. I was a very active political activist
8. I was a Warden, not an Inmate!

Robin Meadows said...

Abbi - #4 will definately change!

Scott---you always trick us with #3---LOL. And I'll be praying about #4.

IDnJC said...

1.I love to dance!
2.I'm divorced
3.I use to dance for $$
4.I was lost, but religious most of my life
5.My hair was colored for the 1st EVER in July (my hair girl tricked me!)
6.I hate to be tickled..dont't try it
7.My hubby drags me to ballroom lessons :O)
8. My birthday is next week - don't guess :O)

IDnJC said...

ps Dancing for $$ - I was an dancer for a minor league baseball team. :O)

shanna said...

1. I too love to read over watching tv...I actually think I am addicted.
2. I was a topless dancer for 4 years.
3. I want 6 or more kids...only have 3.
4. My husband and I only kissed twice before our wedding day.
5. The last grade I completed was the 10th grade.
6. My husband and I only knew each other 6 months before we got married.
7. I had only been in a church a few times before I got saved at 21.
8. I used to do cocaine and read the the same time :)
9. One more...I LOVE to brag on my hsuband. He has only completed the 9th grade and he is a computer programmer...he taught himself thru tutorials on the internet. He also manages our 2o some rental properties and runs an outreach that meets in a club in bricktown...I am so honored to be married to Him and so proud of God's work in his life!!!!!

Abbi said...

OKay..I am stealing this idea and reposting on my blog until i have a chance to do a little more research on the one I want to do about being green. :) So, come on over and copy and paste your 8 on mine! haha.