Thursday, January 10, 2008

Friday Finds

Check out these articles for some good reading:

Cindy Beall – good stuff on character building
Abbi Zeliff – learn a little more about “going green”
Anna Meadows – Fat or Fit –a new way of thinking
Mandy McKeown – a high school senior with some great insight on patience

Two years ago, Dirk and I took our very first week long vacation alone (after children). It was the first time we felt like we could go away and leave them that long.

Next week, we leave on our 3rd annual cruise! This time we are flying to San Diego for a couple of days before we leave for the Mexican Riviera (Acapulco, etc) for 8 glorious days! And here’s the cool thing…we’ve met some wonderful cruising friends from those past cruises! We look forward to spending time with them again this year.

If you ever get an opportunity, check out cruising for a great vacation value. It’s a blast!

BALLROOM DANCING TONIGHT! See last week's Friday Finds for details or shoot me an e-mail.
No chance to make it to church this weekend? Stay at home!!

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Cindy Beall said...

I have to admit I'm a tad bit unsure about cruises. I get queasy sometimes. Think I'd get queasy?

shanna said...

oh wow...have FUN FUN FUN!

HomeSchool Mommy said...

Oh, fun!

Kristie ♥ said...

Robin, i am going to San Diego next week for vacation as well!! Not for a cruise though, just to enjoy the city.. i LOVE that place! I hope you and Dirk have a GREAT time!

Abbi said...

YAY!! Mama Meadows and Pops finally get a well-deserved and long-overdue vaca!! WOO HOO!! Have a great time. I'll make sure Kody and Jake don't burn the house down while you're gone! ;)

Who's Abbi Zelliff? ;)

Robin Meadows said...

Cindy, I've never gotten queasy, but they do make patches you can wear. Works for people I know.

Shanna, Elizabeth--thanks! it will be.
Kristie-we'll be there Tuesday afternoon and Wed. Have a great time!
Abbi--sorry, it's fixed...And thanks for making sure they don't burn down the house. This morning Kody said, "What if I need some clean clothes"? LOL

Aaron said... wife and i have tried for 5 months to make it to the ballroom dance lessons. We will not give up!

Cruises! We had the opportunity to go on a disney cruise...let me just say awesome!! Have a blast!!

Robin Meadows said...

Aaron - starting in Feb. classes are each Friday except the 3rd Friday. More options! It's a lot of fun!

Thanks everyone---we WILL have fun!

Anna said...

Hi Robin-I just stumbled onto your blog providentially. I accidentally pressed Next Blog while checking out my brothers' blog and was thrilled to see an encouraging believer's blog and a homeschooler at that! I've been reading through your older blogs and they really blessed me.
I'm overwhelmed by how some of your blogs seem to echo the thoughts in my head so closely. They're so honest.
My husband has been deployed to Iraq for 9 months and i am at home with a 22 month old boy and a "future leader" (as you say) 5 year old girl that I've just begun officially home schooling. I often ask women who have been through deployments if they ever thought they were ruining their children. I'm glad you mentioned that you've had those thoughts and are now on the other side with grown children who "turned out." Thank you for the encouragement and the blessing! I will definetely be keeping up with your blog. Thank you! Anna Wilson
PS I tried to contact you by email instead of leaving a comment but browser didn't like the email link...