Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Simple Definitions


Several years ago, we used a program called Konos to teach godly character qualities to our children. From that program, we developed some simple definitions of words so we could easily remember them. Some of them were Konos’ definitions, for some we chose our own. My youngest children could say the definitions in their sweetest, most childish voices.

"Patience is waiting without complaining".

This one has stuck all these years. Ask my oldest kids what patience is. They’ll still answer you, “waiting without complaining”. They may also sing you a song, “Have patience, have patience, don’t be in such a hurry….” Bet some of you know that one too!

Do you have a good, simple definition for patience?


IDnJC said...

Love it!
Ours would be..Patience is leaning on God.

We have a grumpy face with Phil 2:14 on the back and if someone is complaining, one of the children pipes in..."do everything without complaining or arguing." it's really cute when it's my 3 year old saying that.

princessjes said...

I don't, but I'm stealing that one.
I may be a princess now, but I was queen of impatience as a little girl!

HomeSchool Mommy said...

That's a great definition!

Cindy Beall said...

May I borrow your definition? :) And keep them coming. The only cool definition that I came up with to teach Noah about honesty is "the truth is what really happened." He seemed to get that.

Anna said...

Aww... I remember those days... how fun!

to finish the song... "Remember, remember, that God is patient too..." ;)

shanna said...

I just asked our 8 year old his definition of patience and he said, "It's waiting without going...aaawww I want it now!"

Sounds like patience without complaining :)

Robin Meadows said...

Yes, you can "steal" it. LOL

Sherri - that's close to our definition for a different word!

Cindy - that's a good one for truth.

Anna - and you're already 21! did that happen so fast?? LOL

Shanna -great definition--he gets it! You are awesome!

Scott Williams said...

Going to Wal-Mart and simply appreciating how blessed you are; rather than worrying about how slow and long the lines are.

deleise said...

That's so good, Robin. You're making me want to check out Konos!
Patience is allowing my children to do things (things that I could do more efficiently and effectively) at their own pace and with age-appropriate imperfections. While smiling. Cheryl the Great taught me that. Even if I have to take an advil afterward from my teeth-grinding induced headache.;)