Tuesday, September 30, 2008

5 Ways to Get Fit for Free!

I recently read an article from sparkpeople.com called  25 Ways to Get Fit for Less than $25.”  Since I recently cancelled my gym membership to try and save some money, this article inspired me. So being cheap like I am,  I wanted to share the top five ways to get fit for free!


1. Library. Your local library has many varieties of DVD's, VHS tapes and fitness books to help you get fit.


2. Online workouts. Many websites offer free workout videos including sparkpeople, youtube, and shape.


3. Walking or Running. Get outside and just do it. Load the kids in the stroller and get moving. Go around your neighborhood or go to the park.


4. Jump rope. Who doesn't have a jump rope lying around?  Did you know that based on an average 150lb person, jumping rope for 15 minutes burns 125 calories?


5. Play with your kids. Play tag, hide and seek, duck-duck-goose, football, soccer, or turn on some music and dance. Your kids will have so much fun and you will reap the benefits of getting in your exercise.


I hope these things will inspire you and help you stop using excuses for why you can't workout. It inspired me!


Now what about you? What are your favorite ways to workout that don't cost anything?






Kim Heinecke said...

i do ab crunches w/ my 25 lb baby & then i do bicep curls with the little sugar

Abbi said...

*Dips on the seat of a chair or coffee table
*Monkey bars at the park
*Playing-card squats
*Cleaning the house! (lots of stretching, pulling, pushing, lifting, climbing, etc...I always work up a sweat). Same with yardwork. PLUS, you have something to show for it in the end!

Theresa said...

PS ALI....

Sorry about the Broncos....Not really but I had to say something about it. :D

Theresa said...

I am walking every evening. I am even taking the dog and the husband. Sometimes the kids. Sometimes it is nice to not take the kids. LOL

I really dislike exercise....so whoever it was that said I would like it really just doesn't know me. LOL

Great tips!!

erin said...

Pulling your kids in a wagon is mega work! Playing sports at a park with your husband would be a good date night and burn a lot of calories! Oh and not eating as much saves you money on your grocery bill - maybe not relevant to this post, but I had to get that in there! :-)

Anna Meadows said...

Definately running! It is so cheap, and really inspiring to go out to the lake and just let the wind blow in your face... even if you can't run fast, or very far, just start somewhere and work your way up... that's how I developed a love for it!