Thursday, September 18, 2008

The Heartbeat of the ER

Patients in the ER frequently ask us what we do when the department isn't busy, and we always reply with

something like: "It never slows down. It's always busy." Or,  "Shhh! "(knock on wood).


It's rare but it happens.  And it happened this weekend.


No patients in the emergency room for several hours. So what to do?


After stocking, cleaning and finishing paperwork, sometimes there is still free time left. But you cannot do anything too crazy because you never know when a patient will come in the door.


The ideas that were ruled out this weekend included playing twister, and spin the bottle (the Doc's idea since he was the only male ;) ) We also used to bounce an extra large bouncy ball around the department. But that was before I got hit in the face with it.


There is a game that we do like to play and play frequently. It is called Lower Your Heartrate. I know, we need to work on the title,  but trust me.  It is a very entertaining game. The objective? Strap on a heart rate monitor and try to get your heart rate as low as you can. There are no rules to what others can do or say to you, so you have to control your heart rate while they taunt. I know.  We're all strange.


 But guess who's the reigning champ?  39bpm baby!


 They were getting ready to get the crash cart.


What are some crazy things you've done to pass the time? 







roger said...

39 wow that is low

erin said...

that's us Meaows girls - we are control freaks! oh, and we NEVER lose!!! :-)

donna said...

Ha! That is funny! 39 is really low!

Ali Ruhman said...

Sounds like fun!

Jordan garrett said...

Ha! That reminds me of a game that we played on the Spring Break mission trip last year. We called it a "No Laughing Contest". We also need to work on the name. But basicly you just have to stare (you can blink) with a straight face for as long as you can at another person. The first one to laugh loses!

It sounds easy, but when you have people advising you to not let the laughter come up your jugular tube, things get a little wild. Or at least it seemed really