Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Cut. It. Out.

You want to know the worst phrase you could say to your hairstylist?


The other day this lady comes in and sits down in my chair, I ask her how she would like her hair cut. She replies, "I don't know.  You’re the professional.” 


                                              Anna (3)   Ali (5)                                              


Yes, lady.   I know I'm the professional.   But I don't know how you want it cut…I can’t read your mind. (I didn't say this out loud, even though I wanted to).


So, as the professional,  I'm here to help you know how to communicate with your hairstylist so you get the cut you want. It's also good to have an idea how you want it cut before you sit in your hairstylist's chair.(hint hint to that lady)


1. Bring a picture. You can try to explain it all day but what something means to you may mean something totally different to your hairstylist. If you don't have a picture,  most salons will have books to look through. You just have to ask for them.


2. Remember what year we are in.  2008,  not 1970. You might want to brush up on some more recent celeb haircuts so those of us that were born after 1970 will know who you are talking about. J


3. Know your lingo. It is no longer called "feathering".  It's called ”layers”.  You probably shouldn't ask for "frosting" either. (unless you’re talking to Abbi)   It is now called “highlights".  For you guys remember what number of clipper guard is used. Come on it's the only thing you have to remember.  Write it down if you have to and put it in your wallet.


4. Don't be afraid to speak up. If your cut is not looking the way you want it to,  speak up before it's too late and all your hair is on the floor.


I hope this helps you understand a little bit about your hairstylist, and if you’re not happy with your current hairstylist,  you can always come and visit me!


Have any hair horror stories to share?








Christie said...

OHHH! Thursday mornings really? That could work for me! For some reason weekends get so busy and I can't seem to get over your way! I went about a month ago, a different place :) and came out with not EXACTLY what I wanted. I'll have to come see ya in the next couple of weeks and you can fix it!

That pic is SOOO cute! Looks like you were born with a gift!

Theresa said...

I wish I could come to you. I would bring a picture. I also bet that if I say I want a trim you could understand that doesn't mean 4 inches and new lines. LOL

Cute Picture!!

Abbi said...

Great tips!! Yes, leave the frosting to me. :)

I'm growing mine out for the wedding, and frankly, it's driving me INSANE. If I can last until May, you can bet you'll be the first person I call after we get back from the honeymoon!!

Nicole Knox said...

Ali is the BEST!!!! Hello she puts up with me=) I love you girl thanks for all you do.

roger said...

I tried to give myself a hair cut in college once by trying to hold the clippers out away from my head so I wouldn't cut so close. I didn't have any guards and needless to say that didn't work so well.

Jessica said...

What if I don't like my hairstylist???? Just kidding you have been my best by far. Love ya girl and I think it's time for a visit! Good tips, you are probably talking to me too maybe next time I will have a picture for you, although you did it perfectly!

Ali Ruhman said...

I actually love it when people I know say "Just do whatever". It's the complete strangers that expect me to read their minds that drive me crazy!

donna said...

love the picture! so cute!!

Kim Heinecke said...

Oh no, I've made that mistake...
cute picture of you girls!

Natalie @ I AM (not) said...

uuuhh, are you good with naturally curly hair that hasn't been cut or colored in like TEN WEEKS OR MORE! For the love of all hair products....HEEEEELLLLPP!

Ali Ruhman said...


Yes I am good with curly hair! Sounds like your in need of a hair makeover! Give me a call anytime!