Saturday, September 20, 2008

NFL: Chaos in the Mountains

OK, OK. I will start off by saying it WAS a fumble. Now, for those of you who don't know, the Denver Broncos had a fate driven win over the San Diego Chargers this last weekend. I will give you the Broncos fan bias recap.

The Broncos had the ball on the 3 yard line and Cutler (QB) clearly fumbled the ball. The only catch was that referee, Ed Hockuly had already blown his whistle deeming the play an incomplete pass. The NFL has a replay rule that says plays can be overturned to be made right. Unfortunately, for the Chargers if a whistle deems the play dead then the ball cannot change hands. So, even though the play was a fumble the Broncos got the ball back and ended up winning the game. Woo-Hoo.


Alright now that I have undoubtedly convinced you that the Broncos are God's team this year, I will give my quick preview for week 3.

Game of the week: Dallas Cowboys go to Green Bay. Wow, this is going to be the scoring fest of the year. Rodgers is going to sling the ball all over the field on one of the worst secondaries in the league. This will be a very fun one to watch but Green Bay's defense will be the deciding factor in this game, and I for one think they will be great. So, in my 1-1 opinion I say there will be a lot of happy Wisconsinites on Monday morning. The Packers eek out one, 35-34 against the Cowboys.




dirkmeadows said...

Ed Hockuly won the "Big Daddy" award from the Sports Animal today becase he admitted he made a mistake. For that I commend him. However, SD was robbed.

As far as God's team? I'll leave that up to God, but you know what I think. :)

BTW, the game of the week? You're showing your regional bias. There's no doubt the game of the week is Steelers vs. Eagles (think I'm showing my Steeler bias?)

Good post!

erin said...

Thanks for the tips for those of us wives who are trying to fit in with our hubbies!

Theresa said...

I keep missing commenting when my guys are around. Darn it. I will not miss another week except when I go to Hawaii in November.

Forgive me Brad I am usually a better commenter than this.

I think you have cursed the Raiders....Did you see that 1 lousy point....I know they suck!!

At least my Angels are good :)

And Dale Jr. made the Chase.

See I can be versatile.