Monday, September 15, 2008

Whatya Got?

I'm all about people that like to make New Year's resolutions, because really I'm just all about people (myself included) making goals for their life.  For me though, I like to break it down and make new personal goals at each start of a new semester.


So to look back over the summer here were my personal goals:


*Get a tan  check

*Garden check

*Organize shed  check

*Organize spare bedroom/office/workout room uncheck

*Do my school planning for the year  check


So I'm 4 for 5.  Not bad.


So for this Fall semester I have new personal goals.  Here they go:


*Make a habit of brushing my teeth twice a day (yeah, I'm just a once-a-dayer, embarrassing huh?)

*Learn how to take better pictures with my Canon point and shoot (any tips???)

*Learn better tricks with Photo Shop Elements (any tips???)

*Sell all the extra stuff laying around the house on Ebay

*Start working out at 7:00am (ick, I'm SO not a morning person)


Ok, there's mine.  Whatya got?  Get some motivation to make some goals and then let’s tackle them this semester!






Katie said...

Let see, my goals are pretty simple:

Try not to fail nursing school
Work out at least twice a week
Get enough sleep
Keep my house clean

I only have enough time and will power for the basics ;)

Theresa said...

My Goals:

Lose the last 20 pounds
Exercise (yuck) (Totally need motivation and help)
Payoff $1500 of debt before January

I think that is enough for now.

Abbi said...

Erin, I have a "Photography for Dummies" book you can borrow. It's awesome.

I think you know my goals, Sergeant Simms. ;)

donna said...

love the goals!

*mine- work out 4x's a week---which means getting up before the sun----not fun!
*stick to weight watchers
*pay off $2000.00 toward medical (that's just one bill)
*resume some sort of cleaning routine for my house!
*floss 3X's a week (I've had this goal for three years)

I should print this and post it on my bathroom mirror :)

Ali Ruhman said...

This could be a long list.....

Lose another 10lbs
Do fun activities with my girls. Any ideas?
Save up $10,000 by December
Organize my house(again)
Change jobs
Read more books

I could keep going but I think I'll stop here.
Great post! I LOVE goals.