Friday, September 19, 2008

For Your Stylist's Sake

Now that you know some ways to communicate with your hairstylist here are a few things to think about before showing up for your appointment:


1. Don't ask for a mullet, flat top, or a Farrah Fawcett haircut I'm seriously begging you.


2. Please take a shower. There is nothing more gross or smelly than a sweaty head or smelly body.


3. Don't put products in your hair before you get a haircut. It's difficult to comb through all that hairspray.


4. Please don't make business phone calls while you’re getting your haircut. It's just not polite.


5. For you guys, let's just embrace the fact that you’re balding or going gray. It actually looks worse when you try to hide it.


6. When looking at a picture of the person's hair you like, please know that you won't actually look like that. Make sure you really like the haircut not just the way the person looks.

Remember, I'm not a miracle worker,...but I'll try the best I can if you'll try the best you can. :)






erin said...

ha ha! i'll try to be better!

Abbi said...

WOW. WHERE did you find that first photo?!

I think I saw that family at the fair last night! :)

Katie said...

What's wrong with the Farrah Fawcett haircut?? I was thinking about doing that next time! ;)

donna said...

I love the picture----brings back such great memories!!! LOL I can still smell the sweet perm aroma!!! Those were the days ;)

jimmy paravane said...

Yer out of luck where I'm concerned. I HAVE embraced the going bald thing! I use a balding razor on my own head, and then shave it. At least once a month. Who needs to pay for a haircut when yer old enough to do it yerself? (grin)

Theresa said...

I was really getting ready to embrace the comb over. I am losing so much hair right now. LOL

Love the mullet picture!