Sunday, November 04, 2007

And we thought it was all about the war.......

My oldest daughter, Erin, whose husband is in Iraq, has been keeping up with some of the Marine wives and girlfriends while their men are gone.

One girl, in particular, Erin has spoken with several times. Erin has shared her faith in Jesus Christ with these women, and this conversation led to the woman telling Erin that she thought she was a Buddhist, and she just didn’t have much use for Jesus. Erin also discovered that the family was having financial difficulties and were renting their furniture. Erin told her to have the rental company come pick up the furniture, because she was going to locate her a houseful! Then she began asking people to donate any unused furniture. During this time, Erin shared with the lady about viewing some sermons on-line, never guessing that she would. She did and called Erin excitedly explaining that those words were just what she needed to hear! A few nights later, she called Erin asking how she could get plugged into a Lifegroup. The Marine wife was talking to her husband in Iraq and he began sharing some things he had been reading in a Bible the “Buddhist” had purchased for him before he left for the war.

Last week our family took a houseful of beautiful furniture, an almost new refrigerator and a really nice washer/dryer set donated by loving friends to this mother and her three children in Wagoner, OK. It was a blessing to bless them!

We learned that they had all attended a church in Wagoner, given their hearts to the Lord, and signed up to serve in the youth program!

And we thought Jon going to Iraq was all about the war…….

If you or your children would be interested in writing a note or letter to any of the 28 men in Jon’s unit, or their wives, please send me an e-mail. I’ll get you a name and address.


HomeSchool Mommy said...

Wow...I just cried...

That is soooo awesome!

I knew she was gathering furniture for them, but I had no idea about the story behind it.

Michael said...! That is incredible! My wife (homeschool mommy) took the words out of my mouth when she said that is soooo awesome! It is amazing when you sit back and see the Lord at work in everything.

Robin Meadows said...

Yes, we learn every day that GOD IS GOOD!!