Monday, November 19, 2007


This is Dirk’s and my favorite holiday.

Here are some reasons:

The meaning and purpose
It hasn’t become all “junked” up

Some memories I have:

Walks to the park when I was a kid
My dad always smoked a turkey (in the smoker--he liked that joke); Dirk has now taken on that responsibility
For many years the kids always colored pictures of The Mayflower and always made “hand” turkeys. We did the "I'm Thankful" papers and wrote poems about Thanksgiving. I miss those kids’ crafts. Maybe I’ll make some with the grandkids this year!

Some fun things we do:

Invite anyone who doesn’t have a family to come join us. There are so many of us already, a few more just makes it more fun. This year Anna is bringing a single friend and Erin has invited a family!

Wednesday nights before Thanksgiving have become family night; we eat soup and play games. This year we will miss Jon since he is in Iraq. (Last year we enjoyed him being "Miss America" during a charades game).

If your holiday time is not filled with family, friends, and fun, consider making some changes this year. Make some new memories. It all begins with a heart of THANKSGIVING!

PS – I’ll be busy cooking tomorrow, spending time with family on Thursday, and shopping with my crazy girls on Friday morning (they asked me to come with them again!!). I’ll be back on Monday, November 25. In the meantime, read Anna’s or Scott’s blog—they’re going to keep writing this week.


Christie said...

These are wonderful ways to enjoy the holiday! I truly do not want to wish the years away while my children are young, however, I do love to think about what it will be like having holidays with people who can get their own juice and do their own hair!!! And OH, Black Friday with my grown girls! Does it get better than that??? LOL.

I agree that Thanksgiving is one of my favorites for the same reason...that it hasn't been 'junked up'. I am loving this year that some of my children are getting old enough to move past being thankful for things like thier "Dora blanket" to naming things like their "Daddy who works hard for our family" and "God, cause He is everything!" What JOY! Have a great week with your family, looking foward to reading more next week!

Anonymous said...

Great website! Good luck grabbing all those Bargains!!! Would have loved to have seen the Miss America thing!

Jenn cady

Anna said...

Awww... I love those memories! I remember writing the poems, coloring the pages... and Jon was hilarious!!

I can't wait for this year!

Robin Meadows said...

Hey Christie---is this you from the grocery store?? Hang in there---someday, your kids will be serving you!!

Jenn, love your site as well. I'd love to sit and pick your brain sometime. For now, I'll just read your comments (on swerve and check your site).

Anna, I'm looking forward to spending some time with you in the next couple of days. We'll have to find that Mayflower picture and make some hand turkeys for old time's sake!! LOL

Scott Williams said...

You guys have a Happy Thanksgiving! We have a very long drive w/ a quick turnaround; however it will be worth it. My boys have not seen their cousins since they moved to Houston almost a year ago.

How many Turkeys do you have to cook for that huge family of yours?

Sallie said...

I'm sorry your son is in Iraq. My husband has been there but thankfully home this year.

God bless,

Michael said...

I just wanted to wish you and your family a wonderful Thanksgiving!

"Enter His gates with thanksgiving and His courts with praise; give thanks to Him and praise His name." Psalm 100:4

princessjes said...

AWWW!!! You guys are amazing!! I wish I could have joined y'all, maybe next year. It sounds like fun times at the Meadows' house, like always! Can't wait to come for a visit soon!
Love you guys!!!

Robin Meadows said...

Scott, It was a 20 lb turkey. Plenty of sides and we even had some left over! Hope you guys drive safely.

Sallie-so glad your Marine is home with you this year! Marine's ROCK!

Michael - as always, thanks for the uplifting thoughts.

Jessica---you know the way---come anytime! Who says Anna has to be with you =) We had a great day.