Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Lasting Effects #5


Dirk and I have felt very honored by our children lately.

It’s often just in little things they say or how they respond toward us. It’s a nice feeling.

It’s things like hearing one of my daughters say that I’m her mentor, or another one inviting me to lunch at her house. One inviting me to coffee or wanting to go shopping with me. It’s our youngest daughter choosing to be married on our wedding day. It’s my oldest son sharing his heart. It’s the bear hugs of our macho teen boys.

It’s hearing how glad they are that Dirk finally did something for himself when he recently bought a motorcycle.

It’s the respect of a son-in-law wanting your advice, or one telling you how much he loves his wife, your daughter.

Today, our daughter, Anna wrote a comment on a blog listing her parents as people who speak into her life. She said we were amazing and relevant. Wow! I like that. Relevant.

We love them all so much and we are honored to be not only their parents, but also their friends.

PS - Check out Anna's new blog here.


Cindy Beall said...

Oh yay. There is hope for me one day, huh? My 8-year old didn't think I knew what I was talking about this morning when I told him he needed to wear his jacket. Maybe he'll thank me at the end of the day? Or maybe when he's 27 :)

Thanks, Robin, for this encouragement!

Robin Meadows said...

yeah, hang on until he's closer to 20. That's when the real rewards begin!

And it's GREAT!

erin said...

Yeah, I love it when people say "treasure this time with your young ones". I think treasure? What is there to treasure about poopy diapers, talking back, throwing tantrums, puking, hitting, biting, etc? But you always say treasure the sweet moments, but look forward to the grandchildren! :>

IDnJC said...

awesome Robin! Love it!

Robin Meadows said...

Erin - a goood blog idea! Thanks. And thanks for being YOU!

Sheri- you're a good cheerleader!