Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Not Enough to Go Around

By the end of the day, you’re a frazzled mess. Today your only “alone” time was in the bathroom and that was with a child or two beating on the door and crying for you. Everyone needs you at the same time (even your husband, bless his heart). You wish you had a clone, or at least a full-time housekeeper, chauffer, and teacher! There’s just not enough of you to go around. And guess what? You’re right! And it’s ok! Really! In fact, it’s a good thing.

It gives you opportunity to teach your children

*that some needs are greater than others. (A baby, a sick or special needs child)
*patience (waiting without complaining)
*independence (learning to play by themselves, if necessary)
*leadership (older children can take care of many needs of younger children)
*life isn’t fair (and neither are moms and dads) ; )

So, take a deep breath. Learn to rest in the truth that as moms we’ll never be enough to everyone.

And go lock yourself in the bathroom for five minutes again.

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Cindy Beall said...

My question is, "Why do they always holler MOM when they need something instead of Dad"?

Story of my life. But, I have a feeling that when they are older I'll be missing this about them.

Oh, Father, please don't let me wish away their days.