Monday, November 05, 2007

Tears don't stream down your face in space

In December, former New York Yankee great and fellow Oklahoman, Bobby Murcer, a neighbor of my husband’s dad, underwent surgery in Houston. The mother of NASA astronaut, Army Col. Doug Wheelock, informed her son that his childhood baseball hero was in Houston. The Murcers were invited to NASA’s Johnson Space Center in Houston and a friendship began.

So, last week, when the spaceshuttle went up in space a series of e-mails began between Col. Wheelock, and the Murcers. (Isn’t technology amazing?) These e-mails were forwarded to my husband’s father and he shared them with us. I think Bobby now has a hero of his own!

Here is an excerpt from one of Col. Doug Wheelock’s e-mails:

“It is an incredible experience out here in space and it quite frankly takes my breath away and brings me to tears when I look out the window at the Earth just hanging there in space! It’s almost as if my mind has such a difficult time comprehending the sight, that it doesn’t seem real. Last night, while Scott (Parazynski) and Dan (Tani ) were in the airlock, I took just a few minutes, by myself, and just looked out the window at the Earth. I figured out that tears don’t stream down your face in space, they just combine into one big tear-ball! I just can’t believe I am here! I just keep singing to myself, “How Great Thou Art”, when I look at the power and majesty of God’s beautiful creation!”

What an amazing and poignant accounting of God’s majestic creation!

Watch and pray for the seven astronauts as the shuttle lands on Wednesday, November 7.


Michael said...

Wow! Thanks for sharing that with us. I couldn't imagine sitting there viewing the entire world at once. God truly is great!

Robin Meadows said...

Isn't this a great story? Wow! I was just in awe!!